A study of a Himalayan society



This anthropological project started in 1968 when Alan Macfarlane and his then wife Gill spent 15 months in Nepal, most of the time was spent in the Gurung village of Thak, north of Pokhara. Since then a number of others have been involved in the project, in particular his wife, Sarah Harrison, who has visited Thak on some 15 occasions with him since 1986. Over the years the project has been funded by the London-Cornell Project, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Renaissance Trust, and the University of Cambridge.

The materials collected include notes, diaries, censuses, genealogies, inventories, land surveys, over 3000 field photographs, approximately 120 hours of moving film (to 2001).

So far the work has led to a book, a translation and edition of another book on the Gurungs and a number of articles.


Fieldwork and overviews of the fieldwork - see under "Lectures"

'53 minute video on doing fieldwork'
'Reflections on fieldwork among the Gurungs of Nepal'
'Reflections on using film in fieldwork'

Films taken in Nepal in 1999 with David Dugan and Windfall Films, background materials to 'The Day the World Took Off' - see "Global History", program 5

Agriculture, In Nepal

Test - Milking

Films taken by Alan Macfarlane and Sarah Harrison 1968-2001