The films shown here are a small sample of the many we have taken. Most are of people in the village of Thak in Kaski, and centre on the family with whom we lived on visits over a number of years. We have given diary extracts which explain the background to the films and when they were taken, and also the video log.

The Gurung project within which the films were made is briefly described

Accounts on how the filming was done:
'Advice on fieldwork filming in the Himalayas'

'Changes in film technologies and their effects on anthropological filming'

A selection of the films we have taken are on the streaming media service in
Cambridge and can be viewed in various formats or downloaded freely in the
following playlists:
90 films on fieldwork with the Gurungs

59 films on ritual and religion among the Gurungs

102 films on the physical world of the Gurungs

98 films on the social world of the Gurungs

58 films on Dilmaya Gurung

42 films of interviews with Dilmaya Gurung

[A book in PDF format with translation from Gurung to English of the interviews]