[N.B. These are personal, unedited, reflections, filmed on one afternoon on 8th August 2006. Consequently there are some mistakes. King's was founded in 1441, not 1446; Keats, not Shelley, wrote 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'; Lowes Dickinson, not Rylands, invited Xu Zhimo to King's College.]

Colleges and Universities

How Cambridge works

Foreign student admissions

College names and crests

Newton and blue skies research

Libraries in Cambridge

Freedom of thought

Oxford and Cambridge

College architecture and grounds

King's and its Chapel

'Town and Gown'

Academic freedom

DNA and pub culture

Cavendish laboratory and atoms






Science and mad pursuits

Computing in Cambridge

Audio-visual aids

The examination system

Life sciences

The role of museums

Faculties and departments

Atoms and pulsars

Tour of some college rooms

The supervision system

College fellowship

College as club

Hobbies, games, accomodation

Mathematical bridge

Eating and friendship