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Family ancestors of Alan Macfarlane*


Education of Iris Macfarlane [1928-1939]

India: Beginnings and Endings [1939-1946]

Dorset Days [1948-1954]

Becoming a Dragon: The Dragon School, Oxford, 1950-1955

Sedbergh Schooldays: An English Boarding School Experience, 1955-60

Lakeland Life, 1954-1960

Oxford Undergraduate, 1960-1963

Oxford Postgraduate, 1963-1966

London Postgraduate, 1966-1968

Becoming an Anthropologist, 1966-1971

TWENTY YEARS IN TEA, The letters of Iris Macfarlane from Assam Tea Gardens, 1946-1965


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'Travels through Anthropology-Land'

'Encounters on the Journey': reflections after thirty years


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My retirement events 4th July 2009

*[An account of the lives of four generations of women in my mother's family, Daughters of the Empire has been published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2006. There are short films of her talking about her time in India under TEA

PDF versions on DSpace@Cambridge of my family histories A Jamaican Master in Chancery, The Letter-Books of Herbert Jarrett James 1821-1840 and The Journal of William Rhodes James, Written between 1836 and 1841, both edited by Sarah Harrison, with the James Family Tree

also Stirlings of Ardoch and Grahams of Airth, Family Letters: A Personal View of the Value of Kinship, transcribed and edited by Sarah Harrison, with the Stirling Family Tree

also Letters from John Jones 1791-1822 edited by Sarah Harrison, with the Jones Family Tree

also Letters of a Victorian Family, Caroline James of Aldeburgh, Suffolk transcribed and edited by Sarah Harrison, with the James Family Tree