The following are thirty-six unpublished appendices. These were originally written during the period 1994-6, to be included in 'The Savage Wars of Peace'. But they were either too detailed to be needed or directly relevant. Some of their content, however, overlaps with the book, though there is a great deal that was not in the book.

Please note that the quotations and footnotes and grammar etc. have not been checked. Most of the short titles in the footnotes refer to books and articles in the bibliography to the published book which is included below.

The appendices have been roughly grouped under themes:

Fertility and contraception

Abortion methods in England

Japanese adoption

Views on maternal breast-feeding in England

The carrying of infants in Japan

The effects of breast-feeding on fertility

The fertility rate in Japan and England

Aptitudes to and incidence of infanticide

The history of infanticide in England

Methods of infanticide in Japan

Mortality and disease

Airborne disease

The bath in Japan

Beri beri in Japan

Milk drinking in England and Japan

The nature and classification of diseases

The English treatment of the head, including teeth

Flies and disease

Care of the head in Japan

Some effects of housing on health

Some effects of breast-feeding on mortality

Mortality statistics

Theories to explain the decline of plague

The medical properties of tea

The development of the toilet in Japan

The development of the water closet (toilet) in England

Dimensions of war and reasons for its decline

Food and water borne disease

Agriculture, food and drink

The task of irrigated rice in Japan

Domesticated animal in Japan

The dimensions of famine

Famines in peasant and market societies

The three major famines in Japanese history

Views of English food

The growing and preparation of Japanese tea

The non-use of night soil (human excrement) in England

Sake production and drinking in Japan

The use of the wheel in Japan