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These film clips are taken from footage shot by a film crew for a Channel Four Television series broadcast in 2000 entitled 'The Day the World Took Off'. We gratefully acknowledge Windfall Films, and David Dugan in particular.

How the Venetian Empire was undermined by war and plague from the fifteenth century

The role of tea in making the modern world possible

Why human excrement is used in agriculture in some parts of the world and the effects
The reasons for the beautiful Japanese toilet and its effects on agriculture and economy

Growing rice in Asia and its effects on society and economy

Growing corn in Europe and its effects through milling on the development of machinery

Remembering aborted foetuses in a temple in Japan

The effects of European diseases on third world peoples in Australia and elsewhere
The spread of European agriculture with its attendant pests and weeds

Why ploughs are not used in many parts of the world today

Why the Japanese hardly developed weapons after the twelfth century

The development of gunpowder weapons in Europe from the thirteenth century