All of these clips are taken from film shot for a TV series called 'Breaking the Seal', produced for the BBC. The interviewer was Bettany Hughes, and it was filmed in my outer room in Kings in July 1999 and shown in 2000. Only one of these clips was shown in the final television broadcast. The questions addressed in the films are given in the text below.

How important is the law in the development of English society?

Why has England a particularly rich set of legal records?

What happened when the court system was developed in England?

What are the major types of court in England?
What is 'the rule of law' and why is it so important?

What are the ceremonies whereby people are made to respect the law?

What is the role of the British jury system?

What is the role of torture and confession in the English legal system?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the strong legal system?

How do the Church courts work and what do they concern themselves with?

How much knowledge of legal processes did ordinary people have?

What is the central interest of the English legal system, its major focus?