My personal database of quotations and ideas



History and nature of the 'topics' database

There are two theoretical papers which describe the ideas behind the database and the methodology. It is advisable to read these before trying to use the current version of the database.

Only Connect: Some reasons for using the 'one fact, one card' method

Paper Slips to Computers: Notes on setting up the 'topics' database

Until now the database was only available in the original 'DOS' system so was impossible to use on the web. With the help of Lemur Consulting, Cambridge, this has been converted into a web database which can be viewed as a DEMONSTRATION of what can be done. As this is my own personal index and was not created for public use please note that none of the quotations have been checked and should be used with caution.

You can either use a simple search which will look for any match or use 'advanced' search where you do more exact searches.

The material you will see is presented as follows in 'advanced' search: "Subject Text Page" (text search) and "Author Source" (filter search). Each has a browse button so it is possible to select a search item within a category. However, all text is suffix stripped so that you will have to select words that begin with the selected letters. Alternatively, you may put the whole word(s) in the search box and suffix stripping will give all tenses or variants of the word(s) as RESULTS.

The 'results' page will give a truncated list of matches. To see the full item press on the red number to the left of the result. It is possible to mark boxes at the far left of 'results' for printing either in TXT or XML format to your desktop where they will appear as 'bamboo results...'

A number of the books from which the quotations have been taken are from my own library.