Director, project on computers and history, King's College, Cambridge, Research Centre, 1973-6.

Co-director, research project on computers and history, Social Science Research Council, 1974-82.

National convener, two year seminar on history and anthropology, sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, 1975-7.

Director, project on the records of the Portuguese Inquisition, funded by King's College Research Centre and the Gulbenkian Foundation, 1982 to 1987.

Director of project to put an English village on the Internet, funded by Renaissance Trust and King's College Research Centre, 1996-2002.


Director of Rivers Video Project, Department of Social Anthropology, Cambridge, 1983 on (with some funding from the Renaissance Trust).

Adviser to BBC 'Timewatch' series. Contributor to BBC television series (6 part) on British Archives (2000).

Principal contributor, with numerous appearances, to six one hour Channel 4 television series programmes on the history and anthropology of the world (broadcast, June, 2000 as 'The Day the World Took Off').

Director of the 'Cambridge Experimental Videodisc Project' on the Nagas of Assam, 1985-1992 (funded by Nuffield, Leverhulme, and Economic & Social Research Council).

Director of project on 'Social and Economic Change in the Central Himalayas', 199O-1993 (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council).

Director of project on modern information technologies and their application, 1990 to present (funded by the Renaissance Trust); the 'Bamboo' advanced information retrieval system to be available in 2006.

Research Seminar on Asian and European Technologies, funded by Renaissance Trust and King's College Research Centre, 1996-1998.

Director of project on 'Digital Himalaya', funded by Royal Anthropological Institute fund and Renaissance Trust, 2000 on.

Co-Director of Digital Orient research project (2002 onwards).

Director of project on China's minorities; an archival and historical approach, funded by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research(2004 onwards).