Distinguished  lectures

Frazer  Memorial  Lecture, University  of Liverpool, 1974

Burrows Lecture,  University  of Essex,  1977

Malinowski  Memorial Lecture,  London  School  of Economics, 1978

Radcliffe-Brown Memorial Lecture (British Academy),  1993

Marrett Lecture, Oxford, 1995

Guest lecture, Speaking Hall,  Keio  University, Japan,  April 1999

Golden Jubilee Lecture, Delhi School of  Economics, 1999

Golden Jubilee Lecture, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, School of Oriental and African Studies, 2000

Guest Lecture, National Library, Beijing, August 2002

Maruyama Masao guest lecturer at Berkeley University, October 2005

Sir Li Ka Sheng Distinguished Cambridge Visiting Lecturer at Yunnan, Sechuan, Shantou and Hong Kong (Chinese) Universities, October 2005

Principal lecture at the International Symposium to celebrate 150th anniversary of Keio University, Japan, at the British Library, 2009

Wang Gouwei Memorial Lectures. Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2011

Luojia Lecture, Wuhan University, November 2014

Learned societies etc.

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute (Honorary Vice-President, 2002-5)

Fellow of the British Academy (1986)

Fellow of Academia Europaea (199O)

International Who's Who (1989 on)

Medals and prizes

Rivers Memorial  Medal for  Anthropological  Fieldwork  (Royal Anthropological Institutute), 1984

William J. Goode medal of the  American  Sociological Association  1987

Huxley Memorial Medal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2012

Overseas appointments

First British Council  Distinguished  Visiting Lecturer  to  Japan, invited by the University of  Hokkaido July 1990

Invited by the Japanese Ministry of Education to lecture in Japan,  July, 1993

Visiting Professor invited by the  Department of  Anthropology  at the University of Tokyo,  Japan,  September-December  1997

Member of the Academic Research Institute of the Commission of Documentary Film of China, October 2005

Kai Feng Scholar, China, 2011

Honorary Professorship, Sichuan University, 2014