(up until December 2002)




These are the main series of lectures I have given at Cambridge University to undergraduates from 1975 onwards. Before that date I had given some lectures in the History Faculty on English kinship. All dates are approximate. Those of which there are recordings or films are indicated. Those which are directly related to published books are also indicated. As will be seen, I tended to lecture on many subjects outside those on which I published.

First year level.

Introduction to kinship and marriage. 8 lectures. 1975-1985 (Filmed)

Introduction to Social Anthropology. 4 lectures (video course, filmed). 1986-1989.

Strategies of survival (war, famine, disease). 3 lectures. 2000 - onwards

Social transformations (long term change; partly based on films). 4 lectures. 2001

Second and third year level.

Classical theories in the social sciences. 8 lectures. 2000 - onwards

Conceptualizing the state. 2 lectures. 1990's

Technology and transformation. 8 lectures. 1990's, 2000's

Property and corporation. 4 lectures 2000 - onwards

Visual anthropology. 4 lectures. 1990's on.

Feudalism to capitalism. 4 lectures. 1982-4

Comparative study of law. 4 lectures . 1980's

Community and association. 4 lectures. 1975-7

Urban anthropology. 4 lectures , c. 1978-1980

Inequality. 4 lectures. 1990's

Population growth. 4 lectures. 1970's and 1980's

History of the western family. 8 lectures. 1970's, 1980's

War and violence. 4 lectures. 1980's, 1990's

Sexual behaviour. 4 lectures. c.1985

Quasi kinship. 2 lectures. c. 1984

Cosmologies of capitalism: changing paradigms in social sciences. 8 lectures. 1980's