This will provide an account of the various projects which I have been involved in with Gerry Martin and Patrick O'Brien. These include the following, each of which needs to be specified in detail. A great deal of materials, including tapes, films and transcripts have been generated.

Seminar series at the Institute of Historical Research

- on great thinkers (Braudel et al)

- the historical development of technologies (rice etc.)

- the 'Wealth and Povery of Nations' by David Landes

The King's College 'China and the West' series

Seminar one: Japan and the West - c. 1995

Seminar two: Scientific and Industrial Revolutions - 1996

Seminar three: Traps and Tendencies - 1997

Seminar four: Riddle of the Modern World - 1998

Workshops, conferences and seminars run by the Achievement Project


Oxford - Japan and Europe

Amsterdam - Cities in History

Near Oxford - Technological Innovation

Windsor - Freedom and Economic Growth

Epistemology seminars organized by John Ziman

- series one

- series two

Anglo-American global history conference

Where I gave the final talk

Numerous writings and conversations with Gerry Martin