A 42 minute film of Gerry Martin's contributions at a seminar in Cambridge in April 2003 on the theme of 'Glass' ['Understandings the Evolution of the Global Economy Through the Histories of Materials, Commodities and Artefacts']. Response by Alan Macfarlane.

Eulogy given by Alan Macfarlane at the funeral of Gerry Martin, 26th January 2004

Gerry Martin, An Invisible Life (1930-2004)

The following are some of the more extended pieces which Gerry has written over the years:

Thoughts on the absence of industrial capitalism and science in Tokugawa Japan. September 1993. [This paper was written after lengthy discussions between us on the comparison of England and Japan; Gerry and his wife Hilda visited us in Japan later, in 1997, and much of our work has revolved around this contrast]

Further thoughts on the absence of industrial capitalism in Tokugawa Japan. February 1994 [This contains a brief summary of the above paper, and some comments on the paper by Alan Macfarlane]

Fertile ground: some very preliminary thoughts. July 1994 [Some miscellaneous thoughts on the nature of what is needed for economic, intellectual and other progress]

Cultural Diversity and Economic Growth. December 1994. [A paper presented to an international conference at Munich. In particular starts to develop the idea of an archaeological survey of the past, and the importance of glass artefacts.]

Conditions in the West. November 1996.[Comments after a talk by Alan Macfarlane at the L.S.E. on the work of Ernest Gellner. Starts to develop the idea of the triangle of knowledge-innovation-multiplication and other ideas.]

On the foothills of modernity: reflections upon a Japanese fan. December 1997. [Written after a visit to Japan by Gerry and Hilda, where Alan Macfarlane was a visiting Professor. Begins to develop the idea of function curves and the very rapid growth in certain curves after a long period of near stasis.]

Stasis in complex artefacts: the Japanese Sword. March 1998 [draft of article later as 'Stasis in Complex Artefacts' in John Ziman (ed.), Technological Innovation as an Evolutionary Process', 2000]

Introduction: preliminary reflections on some problems and approaches. April 1998. [Develops the idea of an archaeological fantasy and extends the ideas on the relationship between reliable knowledge and artefacts]

Synthesis of the work. April 1998. [A synthesis of various pieces of work by Gerry. Some of these may overlap with earlier pieces, and this may need to be pruned].

Thoughts on the approach to the Dartford Tunnel. May 1998. [A set of ideas which came together when Gerry was driving up to Cambridge on one of his monthly or bi-monthly day-long talks and walks with Alan. Mainly reflections on discovery and innovation.]

Ideas after a visit to Gerry: the seeds of the 'Glass' book (Alan) July 1999.

Tendencies. Not yet dated. [A brief set of ideas considering the contrary tendencies towards economic and innovative growth and stagnation]

See also the jointly authored book on The Glass Bathyscaphe and a personal appreciation of Gerry.