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Fernand Braudel

'Fernand Braudel and Global History', draft lecture given in 1996, unpublished.

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Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf (1909 -1995)

Personal memories and influence of Haimendorf

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Review of Haimendorf, 'Life Among the Indian Tribes'

For examples of Haimendorf's photography, film. fieldnotes, diaries and object collection see also under the following:

The Naga Videodisc Project

Digital Himalaya

Jacobs, with Macfarlane, Harrison and Herle The Nagas: Hill Peoples of Northeast India

The video interview with Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf in c.1986

Edward Freeman

The work of Edward Freeman, unpublished draft, written originally in the 1980's.

Christopher Hill

The work of Christopher Hill, unpublished draft, written in the late 1970's.


Thoughts on Japan and England after reading 'Remains of the Day', unpublished paper, May 1992

Peter Laslett

Peter Laslett' in 'A Thousand Makers of the Twentieth  Century', Sunday  Times,  12.10.1991.


see under 'Encounters with Social Theorists'


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Lawrence Stone

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William Stubbs

The work of William Stubbs, unpublished draft written in the 1980's

Keith Thomas

A personal memoir of my D.Phil supervisor and his influence

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'Man and the Natural World': review article

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Some observations on the indexing and filing system of Keith Thomas and his methods of working.


Unpublished draft on G.M.Trevelyan and the discovery of the the capitalist revolution, written c. 1980


'E.A.Wrigley and the Riddle of the World', unpublished draft, written in 1997.