Unpublished materials




Over the years, Alan Macfarlane has written a number of pieces based on the on-going work on Earls Colne. These are of a preliminary and provisional nature, but may spark off ideas for those working on the full database of records.

The following are some unpublished pieces:

class & status;crime & disorder, economy, emotion, kinship & marriage, law & government, material life, population, poverty, sexual behaviour, social relations (gender, age, neighbours, friends, associations), thought and morality.

A Final Report to the Social Science Research Council, 1983. (full report)

The Harlakenden Case: a particular dispute in Elizabethan Earls Colne

Potentials and Pitfalls of Local History: A Case Study (Day-School session, 1990)

Outline plans of a book (not written) on the history of Earls Colne