Published materials




Over the years Alan Macfarlane has published a number of books and articles which draw on the Earls Colne data. The following are some of them.

'Historical Anthropology' (including some aspects of sexual behaviour in Earls Colne)

Illegitimacy in England (specifically Earls Colne)

The published edition of The Diary of Ralph Josselin (published by the British Academy). (A full version is included on the web site)

Microfiche version of most of the documents and some of the indexes, published by Charles Chadwycke-Healey (1983)

The Family Life of Ralph Josselin (published originally in 1970, but now out of print)

Reconstructing Historical Communities (out of print ; an HTML version)

A Guide to English Historical Records (chapters 1,2 to be added; chapters 3-5 are on the web site)

The Origins of English Individualism (chapters 3,4; the book as a whole is still in print)